Golf Course Architects Forrest Richardson and Jeffrey Danner have launched LandBalanceTM, a land planning and design division to service their growing list of golf clientele. LandBalance will specialize in golf-related land planning work for course owners including reconfiguration, downsizing and related land use decisions.

“We’ve always been heavily involved in land planning involving golf properties,” says Forrest Richardson. “The LandBalance brand allows us to separate these services where it benefits our clients and the planning process.” Richardson’s early work with Gosnell Builders became a defining point in his career, ushering in opportunities to work with developers on land decisions that went far beyond the routing and design of courses.

Today the firm sees an even greater need for golf property planning. “Typically a golf course is the largest land use of any single project, and that means planning decisions involving the golf will affect nearly everything else,” Richardson points out. LandBalance focuses its attention on land planning projects involving existing golf courses that have re-use and transformational potential, as well as new projects where compact golf concepts can add meaning to a development.

Richardson is President of Golf Group Ltd., which was founded in 1988 and under which Richardson | Danner operates based in Phoenix, Arizona with offices in Northern California. The firm’s work includes resort, daily fee and public golf projects. Other Golf Group Ltd. brands include On Course Publishing and Course Brains, both of which are aligned with producing educational materials associated with golf course architecture.