Project Description

Project Overview

Our main mission for PING® was to develop a showcase practice green with .08-inch tolerance for 0%, .5%, 1%, 1.5% and 2% putting by PING® Tour Professionals, combined with a practice bunker capable of being emptied and replaced with specific sand type for club testing.

With a small, 8,000 s.f. space to work with, we created a highly accurate putting surface tolerances to use and test new clubs and putters. The putting and chipping area offers a variety of slopes and breaks with surrounding terrain that approximates real-world chipping conditions. The 350 s.f. bunker is purposefully small and lined with a Better Billy Bunker hard liner so sand can be quickly removed and replaced with any variety of sand needed for specific testing needs. For example, Augusta white “marble sand” may be in place during the months leading up to the Masters, while other sand types may be installed prior to other tournaments. The PermaEdge bunker system helps contain sands from the green surface.

The design of the small space also needed to accommodate the robotic PING® Launch Monitor that is contained in the test building adjacent to the green area. Safety relative to this area was paramount to the design, requiring a layout that allowed access to the adjacent practice range while also permitting security to isolate all areas when prototype equipment is being demonstrated or tested. Thus, the presence of security fencing had to be taken into account during the planning of irrigation and controls.